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Based in Denmark, Lindberg Optic Design frames are considered to be the ultimate in the international eyewear industry. Founded by optician Poul-Jorn Lindberg in 1979, the company was handed over to his son Henrik, an architecture graduate in 1984. Lindberg Optic welds, replacing them with a patented hinge design. Key features include; no-frills minimalism, extreme lightness, strength and most importantly, exceptional comfort.

Unique to Lindberg eyewear is the scope for individuality through customisation. Lindberg offers endless options to combine colours, shapes and sizes. This provides an excellent opportunity to suit every age and face shape.

Lindberg also offers an exciting range of materials to choose from, such as titanium, acetate, gold, platinum, diamonds and buffalo horn, all of which are responsibly sourced. The use of these high quality materials combined with revolutionary design constitute the core values of Lindberg.

Design has since received more international design awards than any other eyewear brand.